***NOT AN influencer strives to take the pressure off social media by encouraging others to take themselves out of the influencer race and put humanity, humility, art and authenticity back into the culture instead. 


NOT AN influencer launched in early 2019 in the hopes of taking the pressure off social media by promoting authenticity. We set out to make it "cool" to NOT be an influencer.

Now, NOT AN influencer encourages all of us to reclaim our feed. Whether you're not an influencer, or not just an influencer – ditch the comparison culture, and embrace that there’s more to life than chasing “likes”.

We have always wanted NOT AN influencer to be like art, in that we want individuals to derive their own meaning from it rather than us pushing on others what it "should" mean.

So take it and make it your own but let us know, what does NOT AN influencer mean to you?

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